The Hidden Truth About the Simple Scouting Technique That Can Make You N350,000 Per Month On Facebook And Google

Dear friend,

My name is Goddy I. Adams…

I’m sure you’re reading this message because you already have a Facebook account, right?

And I’m sure you’re already spending time reading, sharing and commenting on posts.

But the big question I want to ask you is…

Are You Making Serious Money With Your Facebook Account?

Or are you one of those who are paying MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat for Data subscription every month without getting anything back in return?

If you’ve not been making money with your Facebook account because you never knew it was possible, or you don’t know how to go about it, then I have good news for you…

…because in the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the secrets to legitimately earning as much as N350,000 per month with your Facebook account, using just your phone or Laptop.

To be completely honest with you, this is what Facebook wants you to be doing on their platform. And I’m going to tell you why Facebook wants you to make money on their platform below.

Also, in the next few minutes, you’ll see what I taught guys like Dele, a one-time production manager, that made him quit his Job after making N300,000 on four different occasions in just one month with his Facebook account. Here’s just one of our numerous conversations below:

Today, Dele now makes on Facebook in a month what he used to make in 15 months as a production manager.

You’re also going to see how I helped Onwuka Caleb, a 35-year old family man whose landlord was threatening with a quit notice due to prolonged non-payment of house rent.

Not only did he make enough money on Facebook to pay off his rent, today he’s now on Track to become a Landlord of his own.

And my promise to you is that…

  • By the time you’re done reading this, you will also be in a position to also make money with your facebook account…
  • You will also be on track to earn as much as N350,000 or more from facebook…
  • You will have the capacity to handle most of the financial responsibilities waiting for you…
  • And your worries about money may now be a thing of the past!

But before I go deep into the process of how you can make money on facebook, let’s first of all look at…

Why Facebook Wants You to Make Money on Their Platform

See, I want you to stop for a moment to think about this:

Why is Facebook not charging you, your friends and everyone else to use their platform?

Do you know why posting pictures and commenting on photos is free for everyone?

Just imagine it for a moment…

Facebook is the world’s largest social media with over 1.86 Billion users. Facebook employs thousands of employees to create and maintain the infrastructure that is allowing billions of people to make friends and connect with one another all over the world.

They spend millions of dollars paying the salaries of their employees every month…

They spend millions of dollars maintaining the server and network that store Billions of post, videos and photos that is being shared on the network on a daily basis.

Yet they are not charging you for this opportunity. So how do you think Facebook makes their money?

The answer is simple: Facebook makes money when the users of its platform makes money.

In other words, the more the users of Facebook make money, the more Facebook makes itself. And the more money Facebook makes, the more free service they can provide to the public on their platform.

That is why, Facebook is encouraging and supporting any of its user that want to legally make money on its platform, including you!

Because Facebook knows that its growth, success and survival is dependent on the number of users that are legally making money on its platform.

In fact, if people stop making money on Facebook, Facebook will fold up. Facebook will cease to exist. That’s the truth!

And to prevent that from happening, they are constantly making easier for users like you to start…and continue…to make serious amount of money on their platform.

But the question is:

Are You One of Those That Are Utilizing This Lifetime Opportunity That Facebook Has Created to Make Serious Income For Yourself?

You see, the truth is many Nigerians do not know how easy it is to make life-changing amounts on Facebook.

Many Nigerians were surprised when they realized that with just their phone or laptop and a stable internet connection, they can be earning more than what they would working at a Job.

Many more were further astounded when they discovered that the process of making money on Facebook can be done in Just 30 minutes a day.

And they were also astonished to realize that if they can carry their phone or laptop anywhere they go, they don’t need to be at any physical location or an “office” before they made money.

As far as you can carry your phone and access Facebook anywhere you go, you can make money wherever you are. You are not tied to any physical location or office before you begin to see serious money flowing into your bank account on a daily basis.

And the good thing is… this money is made in dollars. When converted to Naira, the amount can be mind-boggling!

In fact, let me give you some more example of those who are making it big on Facebook right now.

Another example that comes to mind is Oluchukwu Junior, a 23-year old 300 level student at the University of Lagos.

I showed him the exact process to follow, and in 9 weeks, he made his first $5,000. Below is one of the message he sent me on Facebook:

As I speak to you, at a time, he was considering dropping out of school since he was now making more than any job he was studying for could give him. But I advised him against it and encouraged him to complete his education.

The funny thing is…this young guy makes more than some of his university lecturers.

Another example that comes to mind again is that of Obinna Nduka.

Obinna was a one-time frustrated graduate of the University of Nigeria who sought for Job for 6 years after graduation without getting any.

Fortunately, our paths crossed and I showed him what I know about legitimately making money on Facebook.

Within few months, he made enough money to turn his life around and even start acquiring properties.

Awesome, isn’t it?

And I’m sure by now, you’re probably wondering how they achieve this result, and how you too can achieve something similar.

How can you too also use your Facebook account to make serious money within the shortest period of time possible?

Well, the key to achieving such results lie in the method and process I teach in my Financial Breakthrough Protocol.

So What is The Financial Breakthrough Protocol All About?

The Financial Breakthrough Protocol is hands down the in-depth guide you need to earn serious money with your Facebook account.

It is a 10-Day training that shows you the nitty-gritty, the step-by-step process you need to become a high-income earner on the largest social media in the world.

By the time you’re done with this training,

I’ve put together a training called…

The Financial Breakthrough Protocol

This is a training that lasts for a period of 14 days, plus an additional 60 days for implementation, support and guidance if you ever get stuck with any of the process you’ll be learning.

In the next 14 days, you’re going to be exposed to the same secrets, methods and process that guys like Dele, Onwuka, myself and a few other Nigerians repeatedly implement to ensure our pockets and bank accounts never lack money.

Again, with this method you’re going to learn, you will NEVER be asked to refer anybody for you to make money. You will NEVER be asked to walk endlessly under the sun to recruit people into your downline.

We hate such methods, and I’m sure you do too.

Not only are they a complete waste of time and energy, they are also a complete waste of money.

Nothing of such nature will be required of you in this method you’re about to learn.

In fact, here is a little glimpse into what is covered in this training:

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled as you discover…


  • The 6 important things you definitely need to know about making money…and why this is so important to the health and wellbeing of your finances…
  • The 100 years old financial model used by many of the world richest men. If you follow this simple formula, you may not experience financial dryness again.
  • The 2 reasons why millions of people all over the world struggle financially, and what you can do to remove yourself from that list…
  • The 2 solution to every financial problems, including the one you might be going through right now…
  • The worldwide E.S.R.B Formula used by millionaires all over the world to make money, and the best option you have in order to stand a chance of joining this group.

And we’re just starting.

You’ll also be amazed with the level of information you’ll discover as you learn…

  • The secret 64-words rule that absolutely guarantees financial breakthrough (discovering this rule will help you save months and years of struggle and confusion)…
  • How to setup your own profitable income stream (follow this, you will be up in minutes)…
  • The one single thing that guarantees your ability to earn several thousands of Naira monthly (this is the one missing piece that guarantees many people an endless supply of frustration)…
  • The 4 prominent alphabets that unlocks the door to a tsunami of financial breakthrough (Hint: you need to remember these alphabets in everything you do)…
  • How to take advantage of what you already possess for massive profit (you’ll be shocked when you see what others are doing with this information)…

But that’s not all.

In this training, I’m also going to show you…

  • Why people you don’t even know personally will be lining up and willing to LEGALLY hand over their hard earned money to you (you don’t need any magic or spiritual Kungfu to achieve this. It’s all based on the simple psychology you’re about to discover)…
  • The one disadvantage you have that’s already playing in your favour (Plus the simple trick to turn this around within minutes)…
  • The 14-word that makes money to exchange hands all over world, and why you need to take advantage of this too…
  • The BRIDGE strategy that is responsible for putting money into your bank account, and how to make sure you implement it correctly so the money continues to flow…
  • The 5 guidepost you need to ensure you don’t waste your time and energy.

And there’s still more to come. You will further learn…

  • The cheapest, fastest and guaranteed way that other Nigerians like you are using to add N100,000 OR MORE to their bank account every month, and how you too can do this so you can pay off your bills and truly live the fulfilling kind of life you want to…
  • Why you only need 4 hours per day to make this work for you, and what you should spend a majority of that time doing…
  • The free tools you need, and how to set them up in minutes without breaking a sweat…
  • The one thing you should spend no more than 10 minutes looking at every day in order to increase the amount of money flowing into your bank account…
  • And simple automation rules to implement to ensure the money continues to come in, even though you’re attending a friend’s wedding, birthday party or simply traveling to your home town.
  • And many more that I have not even mentioned!

So as you can see, these are just some of the mind-changing things you’re going to learn in this training.

I could go on and on listing everything you will learn in this training, but as you already know, that is unnecessary.

Instead, let us discuss about one of the most critical questions I’ve received about this training lately, which is…

Will This Training Work For You?

Yes, this training will work for you provided you meet the following conditions below:

  1. You have the ability to follow instructions and implement them in a timely fashion…
  2. You have a Laptop and Smart Phone…
  3. You can afford an uninterrupted, reliable internet connection for the next 3 months…
  4. You can afford to spare at most, 4 hours every day for the next 3 months.

If you meet all of the above conditions, the training will work for you.

As a beginner, the 4 hours is needed everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays. It can be in the morning, afternoon or night.

However, as you progress forward, the time it requires reduces drastically.

In addition, you must also be disciplined during these 4 hours of work. You make sure that you don’t use any minute of this time to go scrolling the newsfeed of your friend on Facebook, or go reading about Politics on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

So How Is The Program Structured?

First, this is a training that is completely held online.

That is, to partake in this training, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. Since everything will be completely accessible online, it will help you avert a lot of stress, help you save a lot of time and transportation costs.

All of the lessons and modules will be available in both text, video and images.

You will practically watch over my shoulder as I show you how to implement the steps and technologies you need to be financially self-sufficient.

What About The Resources You’ll Need?

Many of the resources you need will be provided for you for free.

This includes several software that costs hundreds of dollars. All will be provided to you for free without any charge. This is to make sure that there will be nothing that will hinder or hamper your progress within the training.

Will You Need to Do Anything Else?

Besides learning, executing and providing feedback, you won’t be required to do anything else.

As I said earlier, this is a very practical training. Every form of theory will be minimal if not eliminated.

That is in this training, you will not just be learning. You will also be required to go out and put what you’ve learned into practice.

At the end of each lesson, there will be real-world assignments for you to do. It is only by carrying out these assignments will you be able to gain the level of mastery and competence that is required to make $1,000 every month.

So now, let’s talk about…

What You Will Gain By Going Through This Training Program

First of all, this program is designed to help you make at least, $1,000 per month.

To be honest, there’s every possibility that you will make more than this amount, but I don’t want to over promise. So let’s use $1,000 as our benchmark for now.

And I guarantee that with this training, you WON’T make less than that after the first few months.

That is, by enrolling in this training and implement the steps that are recommended, you will radically experience a tremendous and positive change in your finances.

In order words, just by taking this training…

  • The issue of lack of money will now be a thing of the past because you will now have a verifiable income stream that always puts cash in your pocket…
  • You will no longer be embarrassed because you don’t have enough money to take care of all your financial responsibilities…
  • You will no longer struggle to save for months and years to get all the things you want…
  • You will no more be humiliated by that woman on the street because you bought some of the things you need from her on credit…
  • You will no longer be afraid of your landlord because you now have the means to pay your rent as at when due.

These are just some of the advantages of enrolling for this training. Other awesome benefits are:

  • You will no longer be missing out on friend’s and relatives wedding, party or function because there will be no boss telling you if you can go, or can’t go out…
  • You now have absolute freedom to go where you want, whenever you want…
  • You will enjoy adequate night rest and regain your health because you don’t need to rush up in the morning, prepare for work, get stuck in traffic only to return late at night…
  • You choose when to work and where to work, knowing your income is not limited by geographical location…
  • You completely eliminate your worries about money.

You will also have the opportunity after completing this training to…

  • Finally afford all those designer clothes, bag and shoes that you’ve always desired…
  • Afford your own personal, brand new car like other Nigerians like you in a short period of time…
  • You’ll also be finally able to buy a land and even start building your own house within a few short months if you so desire…
  • You’ll finally have the time and money to travel anywhere within and outside the country whenever you choose without limiting your income in anyway…
  • And you’ll also enjoy the level of respect and position such income will bring you among your friends and family members.

And by now, I guess you’re probably wondering…

How Much Will This Training Cost?

Truth is, you’ll be surprised to find out how much this training costs…

I remember talking to one of my friends about putting out this training for the Nigerian public. When I told him how much I intend to charge, his reply was “Godwin, are you crazy? How could you charge so low for this?”

And I get it. He’s probably right…

Because after having witness first-hand the content of this training and the change of financial status it has brought a good number of Nigerians, he understood it worth several thousands of Naira.

In addition, there are people who are charging as high as N100,000 for just a 1-day training, with no guarantee whatsoever that their participant will make back any money.

But here I am, instead of offering a 1-day training, I’m offering a 14-days training. Plus, I’m actually guaranteeing that after taking the lessons and implementing what you’ll learn, you’ll be making at least, $1,000 per month (N350,000 when converted to Naira).

However, despite his insistence, I refused to change my mind still.

So instead of charging for N50,000 or more for this 14-days training, I’m charging just a very small fee of N10,000 only.

And the purpose for this fee is to cover all of the tools and resources we will be providing for you along the way.

These tools are very expensive and costly. At least, they cost no less than N200,000 if you try to buy them on your own.

But in this training, there will be no need for that because we’ll be providing these tools for you.

So instead of paying several hundreds of thousands for the necessary tools you’ll need, you get everything for just a small, unbelievable price of N10,000.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?


There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Every step of this training has been designed to shield you from Risk.

I personally Guarantee that when you enrol for this training, at the end of 3 months, you will be making at least $1,000 every month (N350,000 when converted to Naira).

And for your total peace of mind, if you follow my steps and processes without earning a minimum of $1,000 every month, I will personally refund the N1,000 you paid for the training, and I’ll also pay you a compensation fee of N75,000 for having wasted your time.

That’s just how confident that this training will positively change your life.

All you need to do is just give it a trial and see if you will not be happy with the results you’ll get.

With my Money Back Guarantee…Plus N75,000 compensation fee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

So once again…

Here’s A Break-Down Of What You’re Getting If You Enrol Now

  1. Complete 14-days training, worth = N80,000
  2. 2-month guidance and support. Worth = N50,000
  3. Over 5 major tools and resources: = N200,000
  4. Total = N330,000
  5. Your Price = N10,000

So How Do You Enroll?

To enroll, start by clicking the “Enroll Now” button below.

When you do, a checkout platform will popup. Enter your name, phone number, and your MasterCard, Visa card or Verve Card details.

On the space that requests for “CVC”, turn to the back of your card and type the 3 digit number into the space provided. Click the “Pay N10,000” button at the bottom of the checkout and your payment will be processed instantly.

If it was successful, you will receive an email confirmation of your payment. You will also be redirected to the page where you can now access the contents of the training.

And please, don’t forget to request access to the secret Facebook Group that is meant only for the participant of these training.

I hope to see you on board.

Here’s the enrollment button:

P.S. I’ve been receiving a lot of requests, asking if Payment can be made via bank account. Seems like most people are cautious of using their card online.

I get it and I understand your fears. But I think it helps to know that neither me or the payment processing company I use sees any detail of your card. It is only you and your Bank that knows exactly what your card details are.

Anyway, for those of you still willing to make payments via bank transfer or bank deposits, here is the account details that you can make payments into:

Account Name: Godwin Ifeanyi Ohazuruike
Account Number: 0121878262
Bank: GTbank Plc

Once you make the transfer or deposit, kindly send me a private message on whatsapp or Facebook so that I can confirm immediately and then walk you through on how to commence the training right away.

Whatsapp number is: 08141795756

Click here to message me on Facebook


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  1. Hello,am interested, but still not cleared on kind of package you wanna run.can you make me understand more about this program

  2. Hi, I do think this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it 😉 I’m going to revisit yet again since i have bookmarked it.
    Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide others.

    • In this partnership program, we give you 100% assurance.

      We’ll stand with you all through the way, showing you everything you need to know and implement.

      We’ll also be there to assist you if you run into any form of difficulty.

      And our support lines will be given to you so you can have direct access to us if the need arises.

      So as you can see, this partnership program is truly life-changing.

      To get started, contribute to the refundable trust motivation fund into the following account details:

      Account name: Godwin Ifeanyi.

      Account number: 0121878262

      Bank name: GTBank.

      Once you’ve done that, just let me know so you can get started right away.

      We’ll be glad to partner with you in achieving your financial goals.


    • That’s awesome George…

      In this partnership program, we give you 100% assurance.

      We’ll stand with you all through the way, showing you everything you need to know and implement.

      We’ll also be there to assist you if you run into any form of difficulty.

      And our support lines will be given to you so you can have direct access to us if the need arises.

      So as you can see, this partnership program is truly life-changing.

      To get started, contribute to the refundable trust motivation fund into the following account details:

      Account name: Godwin Ifeanyi.

      Account number: 0121878262

      Bank name: GTBank.

      Once you’ve done that, just let me know so you can get started right away.

      We’ll be glad to partner with you in achieving your financial goals.


    • Hello Kelechi, you can join by clicking the green button on the page and follow the instructions it shows you.


    • Hello Yemisi,

      Installmental payments is possible. Chat us up on whatsapp to know if it will be granted to you.

      Here’s the number: 08141795756


  3. Hello! This sound good. But is there any money or anything that has to do with more money before we see the result after registration, and if any how much? Just to get prepared before i register.

    • Hello King Joseph,

      No, there’s no other money required. We’ll provide what you need. So this is an expense free partnership.

  4. Just got this information through my wife on whatsapp. After reading through it, i desire to register with your partnership. But my question & worry is, will the month of July 2018 be too late for me to register since i need to sort out my financial issues before then?

  5. Honestly, I am really inspired by what I have read here today and people’s testimonies. Sincerely I don’t have the money now I am ‘stay at mum’ but, I will go and borrow the money and pay. I hope I won’t regret this. Thanks Godwin.

    • Hello Temitope, provided you’re willing to learn and correctly put what you learned into practice, I assure you, you won’t regret this..

  6. From all indication your name suggests you are a Nigerian of Igbo descents, dear subscribers your testimonies moved me to make this comment, proving there are good people everywhere, I’m one like Mr Godwin ,what about you,are you reliable like Mr Godwin, enough of those ethnic war, we are all Nigerians ,we are one,we are good people everywhere, my confidence in this program is strong, though I’m yet to make commitment due to Strong financial restraint, but I urge one and all who enrolled to make good use of such opportunity, God will help me to be part of this, at last FREEDOM TO THE YOUTHS OF NIGERIA.

  7. How I wish I could join immediately but I lack the financial strenght at the moment. I have tried so many that failed because no one to put me through. Since its going to be parthnership,it means I have a teacher to take me step by step right? sorry I don’t have a website…

  8. Good day Mr. Godwin I have read through ur post it’s nice but there’s something I’m trying to understand from ur post the sharing formula is 60/40 very perfect, whose account is money going into before sharing at the end of the month, currently the company I’m working with they trained me free now I’m working with them at the end of the month 60% comes to me I personally have lost so much in this online stuff serious
    minds will always stay considering what they will stand to gain i suggest if you remove that 20k it will OK

    • Hello Felix, thanks for stopping by.

      The 60% goes to you and the money goes straight to your account before the sharing is done. Concerning the 20K, we’ve already mentioned that it is refundable. Removing that will expose us to so many risks which is something we can’t afford to take.

      For example, paying the 20K makes sure that each partner will be serious about it and put the necessary steps into practice. If that is removed, there is no more incentive to compel the partner to act accordingly. I hope you do understand.

      On the other, hand if the 20K is too much to pay upfront, feel free to contact us and let’s know if we can make an installmental arrangement for you.


  9. Mr Godwin lfeayi. I just read through your post now and l really love it. I will like to be part of it soon but the 20,000 is much for me to pay once. l will be happy if you can splits it for me. Thanks.

  10. Very interesting package, this is coming after I have really been dealt with by all these online stuffs. I lost a fortune honestly speaking. I am yet to recover. How I wish I can raise such amount now and follow up this wonderful opportunity.
    All the same thanks for sharing.

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