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Important! Please Read Carefully

Many of the things you’ll require to be successful with this R&L program has been provided for you. Below, you will find a table of 30 different audiences that have proven to work for this training. You will also find 6 different advertising templates that you can use to run ads on Facebook to each of the audience.

Each of the templates do not come with an Image for a reason—because we do not want everyone involved in this program to run the same ads with the same image to the same audience. Hence, a point of differentiation is highly needed…that’s why, you’re encouraged to source for your own image with which to run the ads.

In addition, also feel free to mix up audiences, if you want.

We’ve provided as much as 30 different audience/interests for you to target with your ads on Facebook. Each of this audience/interests ranges from 100,000 to 2 Million People.

Also, at the bottom of each advertising template found below, you’ll find something that looks like this: [ your link goes here ]. Wherever you see that, you’re meant to replace that with your actual link of your sales page, as that is the page you’ll be driving the traffic from Facebook to.

Also, it is expected that you now have a Facebook Business Manager account, and have received the advertising Pixel from us. Use this Pixel in running your ads.

In case you haven’t gotten your own pixel, make sure to send your Facebook business ID to my email at jointmarketer@gmail.com, so that the advertising pixel can be sent to you.

Lastly, ensure that you’ve added our account details to the split payment section on ALL of your paystack payment pages that you’re going to use for this R&L program.

Failure to do that will automatically lead to an indefinite suspension from this program.

Having said that, I wish you goodluck!!!


Affinity CategoriesIn-Market SegmentOther Interest Categories
Shoppers/Value Shoppers

Food & Dining/Fast Food Cravers

Lifestyles & Hobbies/Business Professionals

Media & Entertainment/Music Lovers


Lifestyles & Hobbies/Family-Focused

Media & Entertainment/TV Lovers

Sports & Fitness/Sports Fans

Lifestyles & Hobbies/Green Living Enthusiasts
Education/Post-Secondary Education


Dating Services

Employment/Career Consulting Services

Education/Study Abroad Programs

Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones

Employment/Government & Public Sector Jobs

Financial Services/Investment Services

Business Services/Staffing & Recruitment Services

Financial Services/Banking Services
Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment News

Jobs & Education/Education/Colleges & Universities

Sports/Team Sports/Soccer

Jobs & Education/Jobs/Job Listings

News/Sports News

Arts & Entertainment/Fun & Trivia/Fun Tests & Silly Surveys


Online Communities/Social Networks

Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/World Music/African Music

Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video

Template 1.

Headline: Need Extra Income on a Part-time Basis?

Wish you had an extra source of income that you can always rely on?

Income that can be used to pay the rent, clear the bills and generated on a part-time basis?

We definitely understand…

Because we know it can be so frustrating to work for someone for 30 days straight…and at the end of the month, you’re being owed your salary for several days.

After going through the same fate as well…and finding a way to escape from it, we’ve finally condensed our years of experience into a “real world” training that will show you how to escape from such situations in the shortest period of time.

Not only will you now be on track to earning substantial income on a part-time basis, you’ll also be surprised to discover that the required tools and resources have been with you all these while.

You can find out more about it here [your link goes here]

Template 2.

Headline: Discover How To Pay Your Rent With Your Phone or Laptop

Surprised, isn’t it?

Yea, but you don’t have to…

Because your phone or laptop shouldn’t just be an airtime, and data-sucking device…

…it should also serve as a reliable tool that will help you to consistently earn a part-time income.

Income that can be used to pay your rent as well as help you meet other financial obligations.

But how do you do that?

What steps do you have to take?

To help you, we’ve condensed our 10+ years of experience into what is widely accepted as the most comprehensive training that will show you how to do that.

Not only will you now be able to convert your phone or laptop into a rent-paying device, you’ll also discover the things you should avoid in order to make that happen.

Go here to learn more => [ your link goes here ]

Template 3.

Headline: Discover How To Convert Your Facebook Account Into A Reliable Source of Income.

Do you know there’s more you can do on Facebook besides sharing, liking and commenting on posts?

If you don’t know, no problem…

I guess no one has ever told you that you can actually convert your existing Facebook account into a reliable source of income.

Worse still, no one has ever shown you the necessary steps you need to make that happen.

But all that is about to change…

Because for the first time, we’re finally condensing our 10 years of experience into a step-by-step training that will show you how to effectively convert your existing Facebook account into a reliable source of income.

And that’s not all…

We’ll also show you the mistakes you should avoid so you don’t jeopardize your new income stream.

Exciting, isn’t it?


So go over to this page to learn more => [ your link goes here ]


Template 4.

Headline: Why Haven’t Facebook Users Been Told These Facts?

Dear friend,

If you’ve been using Facebook for over 3 months now, there’s a 90% probability that you don’t know what’s going on in Facebook…

Yes, there’s a probability you don’t know Facebook created another platform for it’s users…

This platform is not meant to like posts, comment on posts or share posts…rather it is used solely for the purposes of earning an income…

Income that can be used to pay your bills and meet other financial responsibility waiting for you.

And the good news is…

This platform is available to every Facebook user.

So whether you opened your Facebook account yesterday, or you have been using Facebook for over 10 years now, this platform is open to you.

And guess what?

Not only have we created a course to train and enlighten you about what this platform, we’ve also taken the pains to show you the steps and processes you too should implement to start earning from it.

To find out more about this, visit the page to check it out [ your link goes here ]


Template 5.

Headline:  At Last! Here’s the Best Income Earner We Found…

Dear Friend…

If you’ve been online for any period of time, you’d have come across different ways of earning an income.

Ways that ranges from Forex trading to Importation business and down to referral marketing.

But the question is…

Which one works best?

Which one provides the most income with little amount of time and energy?

To answer that question, we spent the past 10 years trying and implementing different ways to earn a living…

And at the end of that time, we discovered the one method that works best when compared to other methods.

Not only is this method reliable and consistent, another advantage of this method is that it requires little time to master and earn income when compared to others.

So having discovered this, we created a course that will not only show you what the method is…but will also show you how best to implement it to see the best results possible.

And guess what?

We’ve also thrown in some additional surprise to make it far easier for you.

Visit this page to see what we have in stock for you [ your link goes here ]


Template 6.

Headline: How The New Google Play Can Change Your Life For Good…

Do you have Google Play on your smartphone?

Or can you access most Google apps on your laptop?

If so, you may have just found the financial breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Let me explain…

For over 5 years now, Google developed and has been maintaining a set of cool apps.

These apps, when used in combination with a few other apps on your device, it automatically turns them into a reliable source of income.

Take the Facebook app for example…

Do you know that with just a little settings and a little bit of insight, you can literally convert that app on your phone from a data sucking app to an income generator?

Surprised, isn’t it?

And I’m sure you’re probably wondering…how do you do it?

To show you how to do it, and how to do it correctly, we’ve created a little course that will take beyond just the Facebook app on your phone…

And also show you other areas of Facebook, areas that you never knew existed!

Not only is this area hidden from the knowledge of the general public, we’ll also show you how to effectively convert it into a reliable source of income.

To find out more, visit this page here: [ your link goes here ]


Here are some video tutorials to help you along the way…

Video #1: How to Set up Your Facebook Property Correctly


Video #2: Understanding The Facebook Advertising Environment



Video #3: How to Test And Scale Your Ads

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