If You Read This Post to The end, And Decide to Partner And Work With Us For The Next 6 Months… I Guarantee That Even Before The 6 Months Is Over, You’ll Start Earning At Least, N400,000 Every Month Or I’ll Give You N100,000 From My Own Pocket!

From The Desk of Godwin I. Adams

Dear Friend,

In the next 6 months from now, you could be one of the few Nigerians who will be earning as much as N400,000+ every month.

In the next 6 months, you could be one of those who will finally stop worrying about money…

Because every month, you’ll now be earning at least, N400,000 per month in order to settle those things that needed to be settled with money.

Whether it is the payment of your rent…or money for school fees, or money for investment, or you’re just looking for money to adequately take care of yourself and those you love, in 6 months or less, you’ll now be making more than enough money to meet all these needs.

And the good news is…

This is a long-lasting source of income.

To the best of my knowledge, this income is expected to last for more than 10 years, because it is based on a reputable source that has been existing for 20 years now.

Even more exciting is the fact that since the past 20 years, the income model from which the actual money will be made have been practiced over and over again by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with astonishing results.

And guess what?

Few years ago, I discovered that the opportunity of earning a lifetime of income with this model is actually open to Nigerians…yet, many Nigerians are not aware of that.

Not only that, I also discovered the proven way that any Nigerian could use to legally earn a serious living from this.

Let me explain…

The World’s Most Trusted Source of Making Money

In 1997, a new company was formed.

The name of this company was called Google!

Now, if you’ve been online for any significant length of time, you’d have realized Google is the world’s most popular and trusted search engine, right?

You’d have even used it at some point to search for information online, isn’t it?

But here’s the interesting thing about Google…

Within a few short years of existence, Google went from being a start-up search engine to becoming a company that makes over 30 Billion dollars per year.

This figure is greater than what 4 major oil companies are currently making in Nigeria.

But the big question is…

How did Google go from being a start-up company to becoming one of the world’s most popular company?

The answer to that question lies in the fact that within a short time, people discovered they could actually earn money with Google.

They discovered that with Google, they could actually receive a certain percentage of the amount people spent purchasing items online.

They discovered that before people by anything online, they first of all go to Google to search for information regarding products, services and other items they’re interested in buying.

That is…

Google is in the business of sending people to websites to buy things…and when people buy things, the owner of the website will receive a certain percentage of the amount that the buyer spent in purchasing that item.

And it’s not only Google…

Few years ago, Facebook announced that it is developing a platform that will enable Facebook users to legally make money with their Facebook account.

This platform has long being completed and millions of people all over the world have successfully made money with Facebook.

And this is where it gets exciting, because…according to available statistics gathered from Google and Facebook,

=> 12 Billion searches are being done on Google every blessed day. What this means is that the number of people making searches on Google is increasing rapidly.

And for everyone that makes a search, Google is bound to show them a website that has to do with the word or item they searched for. This further means that there is a great need for more people like you and I to continue to create websites that Google will send people to.

=> According to statistics, Facebook now has 2 Billion users worldwide…and this figure is growing by the millions every day.

What this means is that the opportunity to make money online is also growing as well.

=> Also, according to available statistics, the number of items that were purchased online last year, 2017 was 2.4 Trillion dollars…and that amount is expected to increase by 500 Billion dollars to 2.9 Trillion dollars in 2018.

What this means is that the number of people purchasing items online are increasing astronomically…and guess what?

For each item that was purchased online, there is someone somewhere who is receiving a percentage of the amount spent in purchasing that item.

And the amount of people receiving those monies…as well as the amount they receive is expected to increase in 2018!

In fact, it was estimated that in from January 2018 to June 2018, Facebook users have made a about 30 Billion dollars on Facebook alone.

And when you factor in the amount from Google, the internet giant, it becomes mind-blowing!!

And the good news is…

=> You do not have to be the one to create the products or items people are purchasing… 

Others have created the product and will be willing to give you a link you can use on your online properties so that when Google sends people to your site, you’ll receive a percentage of the amount they spent buying those items.

=> All you need is just a good looking website and a way to let Google and Facebook know what your site is all about so they can send people to your site…and then you start making money.

And the surprising thing is..

Building a good looking website is now one of the easiest things to do in today’s world.

With just a little bit of direction, you can create a good looking site in just 30 minutes. Seriously!

Why Many Nigerians Fail to Actually Make Money Online

As you can see from above, the opportunity to seriously earn a full-time income with just your phone or laptop is very abundant and real…

But the bitter truth is that many Nigerians actually fail to make any reasonable amount of living online.

And here are the reasons why that is happening…

  1. Ignorance.

Despite being one of the world’s largest users of internet, many Nigerians do not earn any serious living online because they simply do not know how.

Right now as you’re reading this, there is no coordinated attempt to show Nigerians what they should actually do…and how to actually do them to earn a living.

The few people that are “teaching” about making money online are either not showing Nigerians the complete steps they should take, neither are they always present to support and assist Nigerians where necessary.

Sadly, many of these make-money teachers are outright scam…and have therefore reduced the confidence Nigerians actually have about their ability to actually make money online.

However, this trend is now changing for the positive as you read this…

  1. Unwillingness To Dedicate The Required Time At The Beginning

Another reason why many Nigerians fail at their attempt to make money online is simply because they are not willing to dedicate the required time to implement what will actually make them tons of money online.

The truth is…

Making money online takes time, especially at the beginning.

No, I’m not talking about 8 hours per day. The most you should dedicate towards making money online is simply 2 hours per day.

And this should be for a maximum of 6 months!

Some people actually start seeing results within one month. Others start seeing results within 2 to 3 months.

But if you’re dedicating 2 hours of your time to this every day, the most it should ever take you is 6 months.

If after 6 months, you’ve not started making money, it means there’s a problem somewhere!

And as little as that sounds, many people are not willing to dedicate that time for something that could radically change their lives for good.

Yes, just 2 hours per day…

And that’s only at the beginning stages when you need to set a solid foundation for your income.

As soon as the foundation is set, the required time now drops drastically from 2 hours per day to 1 hour 45 minutes Per Week!

  1. No one to Guide, Support And Assist You

One of the problems people who are trying to make money online in Nigeria face is that immediately after paying for books, courses, trainings and seminars, that’s usually the last contact they have with the person that sold the materials to them.

After payment, there will be no form of guidance and support from the person they made payment to…as a result, they feel overwhelmed and just give up on the whole thing.

However, we’ve decided to solve this problem by making ourselves available to guide, direct, support and assist those whom we’re going to work with in order for them to see great results.

We’ll be available every blessed day to speak with you and answer your questions if you have any along the way.

If these 3 issues are taken out of the way–the issue of not knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it; the issue of not being able to dedicate just 2 hours per day; and the issue of not having anyone to support and guide you…are taken out of the way, there is nothing that will stop you from making a minimum of N400,000 every month, and continue to earn such amount for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years from now!

Why Facebook and Google Wants You to Make Money With Their Platform

See, I want you to think about this for a second…

How are Facebook and Google making their money?

I mean, think about this…

Everyday, there are 12 Billion searches on Google. Facebook on the other hand has 2 Billion users. These people share posts and videos on Facebook every day.

Google spent billions of dollars to provide and maintain the server and software that allows you and other people all over the world to perform 12 Billion searches every day for free.

Facebook also spent Billions of dollars to build and maintain the infrastructure that allows you and others to share millions of posts and videos for free on Facebook every day.

In addition to that, they also have staffs and engineers they pay every month to make sure their service is available to people all over the world.

And that raises the question…

How does Facebook and Google make money?

The answer is…

Facebook and Google makes money when the users of their platform makes money.

The moment people stops making money on these platforms, that’s the exact moment that these companies will fold up.

But as long as people make money on Facebook and Google, both Facebook and Google will continue to exist and even help more people make money as well.

So it’s like a chicken and egg situation…

The more people make money on Facebook and Google, the longer Facebook and Google continue to exist. And the longer they continue to exist, the more they help people make money!

And that begs the question…

How Can You Be Part of Those Who Are Making Money From Google And Facebook?

What and what do you need to do, and how do you need to do them?

Well the honest truth is that…

There is a proven method to earning money online. There are steps and processes that must be followed to see the best results possible.

Unfortunately, many of these steps and processes are not available to the majority of Nigerians…

But all of that is about to change because we’ve launched our Flagship Partnership Program…where we partner with Nigerians and show them how to implement the necessary steps and processes that will enable them make at least, N400,000 or more every month and continue to earn that amount for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years!

To be honest, the amount you could actually earn is far greater than N400,000…

But for our purpose, in order not to over promise we are setting N400,000 as our benchmark and target.

These are exactly the same steps and processes that we are currently using ourselves online, as you can see from our results below…

The LIVE results displayed in the short video below was achieved in just one week. Check it out and see for yourself:



Not only have we succeeded in completely earning a living online…but ever since we crack the “code” to these income models, it has been shared with Nigerians from every walk of life with amazing results.

For example, Bright Inaga was a guy from Akwaibom State who came in contact with us in the month of January, 2018.

We took him under our wings and showed him the exact steps and processes he needs to follow if he wants to really earn a living online.

Within 90 days, he made his first big income. In fact, he was so thrilled that he shot a little video for us to actually show us his income. Here’s it…you can take a look:



These same steps and processes also work for other people all over the world.

Take the case of Kate, a former Journalist who left her Job and is now making in one month, more than she usually makes in 8 months.

Just in the month of May 2018, she made the sum of $13,000. When converted to Naira, this amount is equal to N4 Million Naira.

Below is a proof of her earnings:


The same applies to Christiana who is making cool money in the travel  industry, yet she doesn’t own a transport company or an Airline.

So long as people continue to spend money buying tickets to travel…as well as paying for hotel reservations wherever they’re travelling to, Christiana is one of those who are receiving a percentage of the money spent in that industry.

In just the month of February 2018, she made over $4,000.

When converted to Naira, this is over N1.2 Million Naira.


And lastly, let me share the story of Elise with you…

Elise was one of the people who started from scratch…from ground zero and followed the exact same steps and processes we will be sharing with you in our partnership program.

She had no previous knowledge of how to make money online…

But when she stumbled upon the process that has been proven by millions of people all over the world, she took actions and implemented them…and within a few short months, she started earning a full-time income online.

The month of April was one of her biggest months…where she made as much as $50,000 online.

When you convert this amount to Naira at the exchange rate of 365 per dollar, this is amount is equal to N18 Million Naira.

Below is a solid proof of her income.


Now before we go on, I need to give a disclaimer here…

Inasmuch as the steps and processes we teach works for everyone who implements it correctly, however, we are not promising that you will make the same amount that Bright, Kate, Christiana, Elise or we, Joint Marketer make.

For the records, our goal here is not to make multi.millions of Naira, even though that is 100% possible if you work towards it…however, for this purpose our goal and target is to start by making N400,000 (about $1,000) first.

We strongly belief that it is good to walk first before running. We belief you should aim for $1,000 first before aiming for millions.

It is after when you’ve mastered the steps for making N400,000 that you can then scale it into Millions.

Interesting, right?

Sure…Now let me explain how the partnership program works.

But before I do, let me address one critical question that may be lurking in your mind.

And the question is this…

If It’s Possible To Make Money Online, Why Am I Sharing The Secrets? Why Don’t I Just Make As Much As Possible For Myself?

This is one of the questions people ask…

They ask such question because they wrongly believe that no one who is actually making money will ever share his secrets with anyone.

And the reason why we’ve decided to share the secrets with fellow Nigerians is simply because the Market is too Large for one person or group of people to dominate.

As we speak, the current size of the online market is 2.4 Trillion Dollars…and it is expected to grow by at least, 500 Billion dollars every year.

So as you can see, no single individual can possibly make all the money that could be made online.

Not even 100 million people all over the world will be enough to tap into this market and take advantage of its ever growing size.

And this is why we are sharing the secrets with Nigerians…because doing so will not hurt our own income from these methods.

And as the online global market is rapidly increasing and growing, there is an urgent need for more people like you to come in and tap the numerous opportunities that Google, Facebook and other online platforms have made possible.

So What is Our Flagship Partnership Program All About?

This is a 60/40 program where we partner and work hand-in-hand with well-deserving Nigerians in order to help them positively change their lives for good.

Our goal for you in this partnership is to help you earn at least no less than $1,000 (N350,000) every month.

To achieve this, we will provide you with the knowledge, resources, experience and connection that’s required to hit that amount and positively change your life for good.

For some, this positive change of life could mean having more money in their bank account in a way that makes them feel financially self-sufficient to meet their needs. For others, it could mean building a house of their own and becoming their own Landlord.

Regardless of what a positive change of life mean for you, we would like to partner with you to make it happen.

And we’re going to do that using the tools and resources you already have such as your Phone, Laptop and Internet connection…and we’re going to do it all on a part-time basis!

So even if you’re already working, or you’re not always chanced, this partnership will not require you to sacrifice your official company or work time in anyway.

And everything we will show you can is 100% legal and can be accomplished by anyone.

Will This Partnership Work For You?

Yes, this partnership will work for you if you meet the following conditions below:

      1. You can read and write…
      2. You have or can open a gmail account and a Facebook account…
      3. You have the ability to follow instructions and implement them in a timely fashion…
      4. You have a Laptop or Smart Phone…
      5. You can afford an uninterrupted, reliable internet connection, and…
      6. You can afford to spare at most, 2 to 3 hour every day.

If you meet all of the above conditions, the partnership will work for you perfectly well.

As a beginner, the 2 hours is needed everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays. It can be in the morning, afternoon or night.

However, as you progress forward, the time it requires reduces drastically.

So How Does It Work?

The partnership program is divided into two very important periods, with both of them lasting about 6 months each:

  1. The Gestation Period…
  2. The Profit Period.

The Gestation Period

The gestation period lasts for a total of 6 months.

This is the period where the overwhelming majority of our time will be spent in setting up the foundation of earning N400,000 Naira or more online.

This is the period of setting up the steps, of implementing the process and of fire-proofing the procedure of earning N400,000 + online.

During this period, you will be under my direct guidance, you will be under my direct supervision as you set up the steps and processes.

Within this period, I’ll be telling you what exactly you should do, how exactly you should do them, and when exactly you should do them.

In addition, I’ll personally go through everything you were asked to do to make sure they are top-notch and are done according to the standards that will fetch you N400,000+ per month.

The Profit Period

The profit period comes immediately after the gestation period and if you’ve done everything correctly, this is the period where you start making serious money from the steps and processes you implemented during the gestation period.

This is the period where you begin to expect to make N400,000+ every month without any extra effort.

The work you’ll be doing here…if any at all…will be very small and little compared to what you did in the gestation period.

This is simply the period where you’ll start reaping the fruit of your labours.

This period starts from the second 6-months and lasts for several years.

What About The Resources You’ll Need?

We will give you access to many of the resources you need will in order to be successful in this partnership.

This includes several software that costs hundreds of dollars. All will be provided to you for free without any charge. This is to make sure that there will be nothing that will hinder or hamper your progress within the partnership.

Will You Need to Do Anything Else?

Besides learning, executing and providing feedback, you won’t be required to do anything else.

There’s no food items to sell. And you will never be asked to go out and start referring people.

As I said earlier, this is a very practical partnership. Every form of theory will be minimal if not eliminated.

That is in this partnership, you will not just be learning. You will also be required to go out and put what you’ve learned into practice.

At the end of each lesson, there will be real-world assignments for you to do. It is only by carrying out these assignments will you be able to gain the level of mastery and competence that is required to make $1,000 every month.

And by now, I guess you’re probably wondering…

How Much Will This Partnership Cost?

Truth is, there’s no charge for you to partner with us…

…but, you will be asked to deposit a small amount with us which will be returned back to you after seven months if you put all we’ll teach and show you into practice. This is called the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund.

Here’s why it is important…

As you already know, we will be partnering with you and giving you access to our time, experience, knowledge, resources and connection for a period that lasts for 1 year+.

If these, knowledge, tools, experience and resources were packaged in a course or training, getting access to them will cost nothing less than N50,000.

But having struggled with courses and training in the past, we realize that packaging these into a course and giving you access to it will not provide the results you seek because you would probably get overwhelmed with all the information such a course will provide.

Therefore, we realized that for you to stand a chance of getting the results you seek, you definitely need a lot of guidance and direction along the way. These guidance and direction is what we will be providing throughout the length of this Partnership.

However, since we are not charging upfront to get access to our time, knowledge, tools, experience and resources, we need a guarantee that we will not be wasting our time, energy and resources by partnering with you for the next 6 months and above.

Therefore, this Refundable Trust Motivation Fund serves as that guarantee.

As you know, our compensation comes when you actually make money by following our directions and putting what we teach you to practice.

If you follow what we will teach you and implement them correctly as we show you, by the 7th month at most, you should have started making serious money. When this happens, the amount deposited under the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund will be completely refunded back to you in full.

2) Secondly, we strongly believe that contributing to the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund will motivate every participant to be serious and implement the steps and processes that will earn N400,000+ per month, starting from the 6 month.

Since the Trust Motivation Fund will only be refundable when you’ve started making money from this partnership, this will help to motivate you to take actions…as you know that failing to follow through and implement the strategies we show you will lead to you forfeiting the amount you have in trust with us.

Please Note: If you partner with us, follow our steps and processes and put them into practice in a timely fashion without making at least N400,000 from the 6th month, we will compensate you with the sum of N100,000 from our pocket.

However, if you didn’t put what we’ll show you into action…or can’t show proof that you actually did, you will not receive any money from us whatsoever.

This is to serve as a measure to prevent “smart” Nigerians from taking unnecessary advantage of us by signing up for the partnership program without implementing anything and then turn around to ask us for N100,000 after 6 months.

Cool, right?

So right now, you might be asking…

How Much Is The Refundable Trust Motivation Fund?

The fund requires a one-time contribution of N20,000 only. Again, This money will be completely refunded to every participant after the end of the partnership program provided they actually make money with this program by following and implementing our strategies and directives.

Which means… by the end of 12 months (1 year) after participating in the partnership program, the amount of N20,000 will be refunded back to you, provided you actual make money in this partnership program.

Can You Contribute Installmentally?

Yes, there are instances where we allow people to contribute installmentally. You can split the refundable contribution fund into two or three separate payments if a one slump contribution of N20,000  may be too much for you to let go at once.

If you’d be interested in using this option, please contact us first with the phone numbers displayed at the bottom of this page. You can contact us either via direct phone call or via whatsapp.

Expected Financial Rewards: Your Benefits And Our Benefits

Since this is a long term partnership, and both of us is expected to sacrifice for it to work, it also stands to reason that when the partnership pays off, both of us will also enjoy the benefits.

Honestly, Our goal for this partnership is that after the 6th month, this partnership should start producing N400,000 Naira and above.

Of this income, 60% goes to you, while 40% goes to us, every month.

That is, the income will be shared between us in a 60-40 ratio…with you taking 60% of the total money that was earned, while we take 40% of the total money that was earned as a result of this partnership.

Provided you implement what you’re taught and see good results, we have no issue with you taking the Lion Share of the profits.

So When Will The Program Kick-off?

Once you contribute the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund, the Partnership Program kicks off immediately for you.

Everyday, you’ll receive directions for the task to be accomplished for that day. This direction will be sent to you both through email and through the Private Facebook Group that you will be a part of.

Other medium of communication will also include Phone calls, text messaging, Facebook messenger chat and Whatsapp chat.

Each communication could also include explanatory videos, audios, and text that aims to explain, guide, instruct and direct you concerning what you should do.

It is also important to note that there will be full-fledge support and accountability in this partnership program.

That is, inside the Private Facebook group, you’re expected to give a feedback of the task you accomplished for that day.

And if there’s any task you couldn’t accomplish, you’re also expected to get back in touch with us so we can provide you with the necessary support and guidance you need to help you accomplish it.

So if you know you meet all of the requirements above, use any of the options below to get started.

You can make the contribution to the Refundable Trust Motivation Fund either with your card, or directly from your bank. The two option below works, either way you choose.

Here’s A Break-Down Of What You’re Getting As Our Partner

  1. Complete access to 1 year+ tutoring, support and guidance, worth = N300,000
  2. Over 5 major tools and resources: = N200,000
  3. Total = N500,000
  4. Your Refundable Trust Deposit= N20,000

So How Do You Deposit The Refundable Trust Motivation Fund?

There are 2 ways to make your deposit…

First, You can make your deposit by clicking the green button below. Once you do, it will take you to a very secured page where you can either use your card to make payment (without entering your pin) or you can select the bank option to make payment directly from your bank.

Here’s the green button…


Secondly, another way to make your deposit for the Refundable Trust Fund is to make a bank transfer or go to the bank to pay the sum of N20,000 directly into this account details:

Account Name: Godwin Ifeanyi
Account Number: 0121878262
Bank: GTbank Plc

Once you make the transfer or deposit, kindly leave a comment on this post. While commenting, it is absolutely important you use a valid email address as the instructions to access the partnership will be sent to the email address provided.

Alternatively, you can also send me a private message on Facebook so that I can confirm immediately and then walk you through on how to commence the partnership right away.

Click here to message me on Facebook.

To get in touch personally, you can reach us on 08141795756


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    I am interested in your program I hope it will be more practical than theory.But I have these questions;

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    • Yes Seun, you can enrol…

      We recently opened the door to the training to take in a new batch of fresh students.

      And as you will see for yourself, everything works fine if you follow our guidance and put correctly them in to practice.

  10. Sir Godwin, I will appreciate your response on these
    Hello Mr. Godwin,
    I am interested in your program I hope it will be more practical than theory.But I have these questions;

    1) Do I need to refer people before earning?

    2) is it do I need force people to buy products before I earn?

    3)Do I need to have a website before earning?

    4) will I still buy any
    Anything in course of this training or After before I earn.

    5) If I put all you said into action, can I still make upto atleast $500 writhing the month of my startup?

    6) is this system automated? Can it run on auto pilot when perfected?

    Pls help me with answers because many have defrauded us with jun

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      • Hello Samuel, thanks for stopping by and asking such great questions.

        Here are the answers to your questions:

        1. No, you don’t need to refer anyone before you earn…

        2. No, you don’t need to force people to buy products before you earn…

        3. Yes, you need a website, but we will provide that for you WITHOUT any additional cost.

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        6. Yes, the system is automated. It can run on autopilot.

        I hope these answers your questions?


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          • Yes Ola, it is for real.

            Inside the training, you will be taught what to do, how to do it and when to do it to get the best results possible.

            To get started, you’ll have to pay the sum of N20,000 into the following account:


            Once the payment has been made, kindly notify us so we can confirm and then send you the instructions on how to get started.

            Mr. Godwin.

    • Hello Adeola, we’re glad to inform you that your payment for the training has been confirmed and further instructions has been sent to the email address you provided. Do not hesitate to reach out whenever you need support or any form of assistance during the course of the training. We’re always available to help you reach your goals. Cheers!!

      • Hello Happiness, your payment has been confirmed and further instructions has been sent to the email address you provided. Feel free to reach out anytime you need assistance during the course of the training. We’re glad to have you onboard!

    • Thank you Mr Godwin. I’ve already started the training, and I must confess that I am very much impressed with what I’m learning so far. Thanks for the guidance and support.

      • Wow, Wow, Wow! That’s what I can say. At first, I was skeptical because of the level of scam and fraud online. But from what I am seeing in this training, you’re for real. Thanks a lot for putting this together

  14. Hello Mr Godwin, I have just transferred the sum of N20,000 to the above account for the training. Please confirm so I can get started. Thanks.

  15. Hello Mr Godwin, I’ve also made payment for the training. Please confirm so I can get started. Thanks.

    • Thanks, that’s a nice idea.

      Getting started with the program costs a one-time fee of N15,000. Once your payment has been confirmed. you will then be sent instructions on how to access the training materials.

      To get started, you’ll have to pay the sum of N20,000 into the following account details:

      Once your payment has been made, kindly let us know by replying here, and we’ll confirm immediately..and then send you the access link.


  16. Good day, I have read all the comments dropped by people n I didn’t see anyone that said he/she has earned the $1,000 which u said will be earned in 3months. A lot of people enrolled in November, n February made it their 3month.
    Pls I will like to know why no one has earned as am in interested n skeptical

    • You can get started by paying the registration fee into the account above. Once you do, please comment here to let us know so we can confirm and then send you the login access.

  17. Please I would really love to be part of the training but right now I don’t have the money and will definitely join when I have the money

  18. Hello Godwin,

    I have studied your write up and experiences of those who have attempted your training program. Base on your training outline I have made a deposit of the sum N7500 required to gain access to your business module.

    Intrulynhope this will be the desired solution to my yearning to have an additional income stream doing business online.

    Thank you for anticipated support in this regards.

  19. hello i believe and trust your words,but how will i get a feed back after i have send the money?, and to send the money must i use my own acc. no. or it’s any one.

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