Want to Earn A Living Online? We Will Support You With N5,000…

So far, we’ve assisted over 359 people with the sum of N5,000 Last Week to start earning a serious living online…

And we’re on track to assist as many more as possible this week.


Because people have been asking us everyday…

How come we’re so successful?

What are the steps we took that got us to this point?

If we’re starting from scratch today, what exactly would we do differently?

And how can you apply the same steps we followed to get similar results?

To answer these questions, we had to dig into our 10 years of experience…

And after documenting everything that helped take us from level zero to the point where we now have and manage close to 100 different websites that are producing income on a monthly basis…

We then turned it into a book that answers the crucial questions that are being asked around earning real money online the Internet…and shows you how to get similar results.

For those of you that are familiar with us and what we do, you’d already understand what the book is all about…

For those that don’t know us, we’re an online organization that has been in the business of legally making money online (in foreign currency) for about 10 years now, and recently, we started showing Nigerians the correct way on how to do so too.

As at today, we have about 100 different websites…all of which are on track to hit the sum of $5,000 each (that’s about N1.5 Million per site) every month.

Here’s just a 1 minute video from Google, showing our monthly within a space of 1 week:


So how did we do it?

How were we able to go from being unable to pay the rent 10 years ago…to now be able to manage close to 100 different websites that are now on track to earn $5,000 every single month?

Well, the answer to these question is exactly what we’ve put in our new book:

The Ultimate Guide to N400,000+ Per Month!

After several years of struggling, failing and succeeding, we have finally put the exact steps and tactics that worked best for us…to repeatedly earn serious income online into a book.

Not only, have these worked very well for us, they’ve also performed incredibly well for many that have put them into action.

Every single step we take…every single thinking pattern, every tactic and the usual strategies we use

every time to produce results have all been documented in this book!

So this is just not an ordinary book, this is a book that is designed to change your life and finances for good!

In fact, I dare you to read this book and put what it says into practice, and see if your life won’t change positively for good!

Why are we so confident in the content of this book?

It’s because, the book itself has been…

Proof Tested By 200 People!

Yes, after writing the book, we did not just start selling it…

Instead, we allowed 200 Nigerians to download it for FREE in exchange for their feedback.

These are people whom we don’t know. These are people whom we’ve never met.

We spent money, advertising the book for free on Facebook, in exchange of people’s feedback.

And guess what?

The feedback we got have all been positive and exciting!!

There has never been a case of negative report. There has never been a case of someone saying it was a waste of time.

What we’ve got from those that proofread the book were praises, blessings and Thanksgiving all through.

So based on these feedback, we’ve decided to offer the book to the majority of Nigerians for just a small price.

The price is so small that it won’t even be enough to recharge the phone of many of you reading this for one week.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for you if…

=> You’ve tried to earn a living online before without any result…

=> You want a proven step and method that works always to earn a living online…

=> You’re tired of working too hard with little or nothing to show for it and would like to have an extra source of income…

=> You’re tired of subscribing for data every month…without gaining any financial benefits whatsoever.

=> You’re sick and tired of your present financial level and need a serious increase.

If you fall into any of the group above, then the information in this book is what you’ve been missing.

And I know you’re beginning to wonder…

How Much Is The Book?

In order to make the life-changing information in the book accessible to many Nigerians as possible, we’ve lowered the price drastically, to the point that it’s not even up to what you probably spend per week on recharge cards.

Even though the book worth several thousands of Naira as many people who have read it confessed already…and we could easily sell it for such amount…

However, we’ve decided to let you get access to it for just an unbelievable low Price of just N1,500.

Yes, N1,500 only to get access to the practical information that could completely change your life for good!!

And that’s not all…

If You Purchase This Book, We Will Also Support You With The Sum of N5,000!

Yes, the 5K is our contribution and investment into your success!

This amount will be used in helping you secure the necessary resources and materials you need so you too can accomplish your desire to finally earn money online.

And the good news is…

Not only will we support you financially to get the resources and materials you need, we will also show you, guide you, and tutor you on how to use them efficiently and effectively so you don’t waste time on it…or get stuck along the way!

Amazing, right?

And that’s not all…

We’re confident that you’re going to love the content of the book, that’s why we are giving you a…

100% Quality Guarantee…Or You Get Your Money Back!

See, don’t just take our word for it. Try this book and see for yourself.

The information contained in this book is probably something you’ve not come across in any make-money-online book before, and we guarantee that you’re going to love what you’ll learn in this 77 page, mind-blowing book.

And if at any case, you didn’t learn something new, or you simply don’t love the information contained in it, simply ask for a refund of your money.

We’ll refund you every Kobo you spent purchasing the book, and you get to keep the book as our gift to you.

Yes, if you’re not thrilled and excited with the content of the book, we don’t deserve a penny of your money!

With our love it, quality guarantee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Amazing, isn’t it?


So to get your own copy, click the button below. It will take you to a Military-grade Secured Page, where you can make payment online. All it will cost is just a small sum of N1,500 only!!

Alternatively, if you’d like to pay directly through bank transfer, here’s the account to pay into:

Account name: Godwin Ifeanyi.

Account number: 0121878262

Bank name: GTBank.

Cheers!! ‎

P.S. After making your payment, kindly send your name and email address to 08141795756 so the book can be sent to you immediately!

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