Lesson 6—How to Set Up Your Cash Generating Machine. Part 1

Welcome to this lesson.

Honestly, I must commend you all that left a comment and the many that sent me a message on Facebook concerning the niches/ products you’ve all chosen to promote on Clickbank.


Remember in a previous lesson, we established the 3 rules of building a successful income stream which are:

  1. Present the right offer…
  2. To the right audience, so you can…
  3. Achieve a decent conversion and make money.


So now that you all have chosen a product to promote on Clickbank, it is now time to move on to the next step which is the process of setting up the platform to start promoting the product on Facebook.

And there are 2 basic approaches to promoting the product on Facebook.

  1. The first approach is the Free approach…
  2. The second approach is the Paid approach.

In this lesson, we are going to focus on using the free approach, even though it is not my favorite choice.

I’m only writing about it in this lesson because I feel you should be aware of the various options that are available to you.

While this approach is free in the sense that there is no out-of-pocket cost associated with it, using this approach will cost you in terms of time and will only prolong the days in which you start seeing money flow into your bank account.

In the next lesson and beyond, we will focus on the paid option. However, right here and now, let me tell you the steps you need to take to start promoting this product without paying a single dime.

So just so you know, this approach should take you about 1 month or more to accomplish.

So here we go:

Step #1: Open a new Facebook account.

If you’re using a laptop, make sure to use a different browser to do this. If you don’t have another browser, make sure you clear the cache and cookies of the browser you’re using before continuing.

Also, you ‘ll want to open the VPN you installed previously and set the country to US.

The same thing applies if you’re using Opera Mini or any other browser on your phone-


Because you have to select United States as your country while opening this new Facebook account.

This is very important.

If you don’t clear the cookies and cache memory of your browser, Facebook will know you’re accessing the website from Nigeria, and could become an issue down the line.

Once you’ve opened a new Facebook account, it’s time to go over to the next step.

Step #2: Find People Who are Interested In the Product You Choose

Please note: With this account, you’re not just adding anyone as a friend. You’ll make sure you want to add those who are interested in getting the results your chosen product provides as accurately as possible.

And the most preferred method to do this is to do a Google search for Blogs in your niche.

So if your product is about Weight loss, make sure to search for “weight loss blogs” on Google.

If your product is about money and finances, then make sure to search for “Financial Blogs” on Google.

So when you do that, visit the site of the first 20 results Google gives you.

On the site, make sure you grab the name of the person or individual that runs the site. If that information is not listed on the site, subscribe with your email to their email list, that way, you will get the name of the site owner as well as the Facebook handle.

Once you’ve done this for the 20 sites, you should now have 20 people you can follow or facebook with this new account or send a friend request to.

Once you’ve sent them a friend request, it may probably take them some days to accept if they’re not currently online as they may be a little busy or may have some other friend requests to accept and yours might just be one of them.

IMPORTANT: Before you start sending friend requests, make sure the profile of this new account is accurately filled up.

If you don’t know what to fill, visit the profile of some of these people in your niche that you want to send a friend request to see how it is structured. Use what you find out as an inspiration to build up your profile.

And once you’ve built your profile, make sure you share at least, 10 different post relating to your niche on your timeline.

That way, those who want to add you as friends can view your profile and timeline before doing so.

Again, if your timeline is empty, a lot of people will simply not add you as friend.

To get posts to share on your timeline, just go to buzzsumo.com and type in the keyword that bests describe the product you’ve chosen to promote and the category that product is in.

Buzzsumo will provide you a plethora of posts that are related to the keyword you typed. But what’s interesting is that with Buzzsumo, you can also see those who are sharing such posts.

Click through to about 5 to 10 posts and share them to your timeline on your new Facebook account.

You should also take note of those who were sharing those posts on Buzzsumo.

Step #3: Time to Add More Friends

The goal of this step and assignment is to make at least, 1000 friends with this new Facebook account.

I strongly recommend that you focus on citizens of US and Europe.

As experience shows, it is likely that some people who are not in the US or Europe may also start sending you friend requests, some of which might be Indians or Nigerians. I’ll suggest you decline many of these friend request as much as possible.

But if they are US citizens, accept them.

So this means that before you accept a friend request, you may want to check out their profile. If you do this, you stand a greater chance of friending a greater number of people who are really from or residing in the US.

So once you’ve sent these bloggers friend requests, start joining groups  that are highly related to your target niche/product.

Make sure to join not more than 5 highly targeted groups per niche. Also make sure that each group you join has a good number of members. Any number from 500 and above is cool.

In these groups, you now have the opportunity to add or send more friend requests. But you have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL here because if you’re not, Facebook will block your account and you’ll have to start afresh.

Remember, it is a new account so don’t start by sending too many friend requests to those you found in Facebook groups, because Facebook will flag you as a spammer if you do.

So your best course of action here is to send no MORE than 10 friend request per day to each group member.

Once you’ve added a good number of friends on your new Facebook account, you should start to speed things up a bit.

To do that, you need a laptop and a chrome browser.

Search for “Toolkit for Facebook” on Google, and add it as an extension to your google chrome.

Once you’ve done that, go to the profile of those people who are now your friends on this new facebook account.

On their profile, click their friends list. There’s usually a tab of “Recently added friends”, or “People you may already know”.

Facebook creates these tab to make it easy for you to add more friends.

Click any of these tabs, you’ll probably see a lot people you can add as friends. This is where the facebook toolkit you added as a chrome extension will be very valuable because with this toolkit, you can use it to send many friend requests automatically.

So, once you’re on the profile of your facebook friends, open the facebook toolkit and click the add friends button.

This tool will check the page and automatically send a friend request to everyone possible that is a mutual friend to those that are already your friend on facebook.

With this method, you can begin to see a considerable number of people accepting your friend request per day.

Rinse and repeat the process until you have 1,000 friends


Step #4: Create a Facebook Page

Once you’ve hit 1,000 friends on your new facebook account, the next step is to create a new facebook page.

Make sure you name the page with something that describes a benefit to those interested in the niche or product you’ve chosen.

If you don’t know what to fill on the page, you can do a quick Facebook search and visit other pages in the same niche.

Study how their page is being structured, and use it as an inspiration for your own page.

After creating the page and setting it up, it’s now time to invite people to like your page.

You can do this in 2 ways with the facebook toolkit you added as an extension to your chrome browser as shown below:

  1. Either by sending all of them an invite at a time, or
  2. By sending them all a private message to their inbox to like your page.

By this time, you will see people starting to like your page. Again, the goal is to have 1,000 page likes.

Which means that you’ll have to repeat step #3 above, and step #4 too.

With this facebook toolkit I shared with you, you should be able to achieve this goal in 30 days if you’re working only 30 minutes per day.

However, if you dedicated 4 hours to it like you agreed to every day, you should be able to hit this goal within 1 week.

But I don’t want you to rush, coz there are other things that needs to be done.

They will come in the next lesson, but before I go into that, let us briefly discuss an alternative way to get this up fast!

If you’re really hungry for financial success, there’s a faster way to get on track. However, it will require money in form of facebook Ads.

To use this method, you don’t have to bother much about opening a new Facebook account or adding new facebook friends.

With your existing account, you’re good to go. All you just need is to create a Facebook Page.

Once you’ve created the page (takes less than 10 minutes to do this), post no less than 5 niche related posts on the page and then use any of the following options available to you:

  1. Run a Facebook Ad to get page likes…
  2. Use the “boost Post” option on the post on the page to reach more people, or…
  3. Run a Full fledge Traffic/conversion Ads with the page.

All options work fine, but I usually prefer option 2, because with this option, you can start making money as soon as the next 24 hours.

This is what we will focus on in the next lesson.

Stay tuned!!


P.S. the next lesson will be available in the next 14 days. That will give you guys more room to implement what is being taught in today’s lesson.

Please, make sure you work on this assignment every single day. Building an audience for your offer is very very important. If you postpone or skip this assignment, you are simply prolonging the day to start making money.

So just do it…and watch out for the next lesson in the next 14 days. I’ll also stop by occasionally to check on the progress of each and everyone of you along the way.

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