We are a digital start-up company in Nigeria that is on track to change the concept of digital marketing marketing in Nigeria.

We are looking to work and partner with at least, 20 qualified writers to write engaging blog posts across different topics and categories.

Since we have close to 100 sites…with more being developed, we expect this to be a long-term ongoing project.

Compensation for this project will be based on a combination of payment and partnership.

That is…we would pay a base sum of N4,000 (Naira) for every 20 posts…plus 20% of the total profit generated by each site throughout the lifetime of the sites.

Each site is geared to make between $5,000 to $50,000 per month, and each writer should be capable of providing engaging content for 2 or more sites.

Each writer should…

1. Have a good command of English…

2. Should be willing to follow directions…

3. Should have good work ethics and be willing to deliver without supervision… This entails that you’ll be working from home.

4. Should be able to produce Original, non-plagiarized content.

Note: The initial 20 posts should be submitted for publication within 1 month.

After that 2 posts should be submitted weekly for publication.